.Net core vs .Net framework which one wins the game in 2021?

.Net core vs .Net framework performance comparison.

This rivalry between .Net core vs .Net framework is nothing new in the web application development industry.

Anyone who is working in this industry can vouch for that pressure, the dilemma they have to make a choice between the old vs new.

Believe me, and I know the struggle when it comes to opting from old vs new, where you can’t trust the newer version as it doesn’t have that old trustworthiness, and the old option is, well, getting old!

.NET core vs .Net framework
.NET core vs .Net framework

The selection from both can be done based on various factors and attributes; However, in this blog, we are mainly…

Ruby on Rails vs Django; the evergreen battle!

Make a decision between Ruby on Rails vs. Django for your project!

Ruby on Rails and Django are object-oriented backend technologies that promise high performance for your web application.

These two development languages share various things like similar architecture and the same objectives that are focused on the performance of the web application.

Maybe that’s the reason why our developer community has constantly been experiencing such dilemma concerning Ruby on Rails vs Django!

Ruby on Rails VS Django
Ruby on Rails VS Django

As we have discussed earlier, both frameworks share the same base on the MVC template; this clearly shows they can separate the dynamic layers of web application based on their models, views and route definitions.

There has always been…

want to migrate to Angular 11 but have lots of questions in mind?

Read the reasons why updating to Angular 11 is a must-have in 2021!

Angular 11.0.0 has been launched in November 2020 and has several essential updates for the Angular CLI, Framework and components. If we look at the emerging pattern, Angular tends to roll out new updates or exclusive version updates, primarily focusing on making the developing process more swift and rapid.

And every update brings a lot of new upgrades in the existing and just introduced features that you must be familiar with and would not want to miss if you are working in this frontend technology for a while.

As for one of our client, we have done the upgradation from…

React Native

Find out why React Native is perfect for your next MVP Project.

Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin on Unsplash

Plucking the best javascript library snippets from Facebook to make the build highly functional mobile applications can define React Native very well in very few words.

React Native is such technology that works best with hybrid mobile technology.

Every Entrepreneur has this objective in his/her mind when building the mobile application or an MVP for their targeted audience, and that use to provide value through the smooth user experience.

If I take the example of the first Unicorn Startup that has implemented the idea of MVP we must have to talk about this one,

In the beginning, the idea was…

After the latest NodeJS v16 upgrade you have questions like,

Then you have landed at the right place to know all about NodeJS v16!

A week ago, the Node js latest version 16 had been rolled out, and it’s already making some vast headlines about it in our NodeJS Developer community.

Many new features have been introduced; however, mainly if you are a user of NodeJS 15, the new features are more like an upgrade to the last version and moving in the direction of the LTS branch.

In other words, it can imply that it has become the bridge between Node 15 and the future version of NodeJS, Long term support Release.

If we would have to start with the first update that…

Hire React Full Developer to build robust web applications for your project.

Read what to look for when you want to Find the expert React Full stack Developers.

ReactJS is a quite popular technology in our developer community prominently because of its ability to focus on every individual component without ignoring it a bit.

With changing the technological era the paradigms of the React Development process have been changes in 2021.

More and more leading companies are hiring React Full stack developers to handle their from front end to backend requirements.

In such a shifting time, we must know what kind of services and features we must be aware of that one of the Top class React Development companies are offering.

In fact recently one of my friends…

Want to know the reason why everybody is talking about Salesforce Einstein Analytics in the Industry?

Learn How Salesforce Einstein Analytics can be the best option for your business!

It is no more a secret salesforce has served more than a million CRM users through the advanced analytical data and extensive insights nevertheless, what kind of business has accessed the services of salesforce.

Observing the increasing popularity and demand, salesforce now has focused more on einstein analytics by making its performance more accurate and exceptional especially targetted for Sales managers of the organizations.

Source: Google

So now the question arises how exactly the Salesforce Einstein Analytics can benefit the sales manager amongst other strong competitors in the market!

Before addressing that thought let’s understand,

what is Salesforce einstein analytics in the actual sense!

Salesforce Einstein Analytics is an Artificial Intelligence…

If you are wondering to adopt the Flutter App Development, must read this blog before anything else!

Read all the prominent characteristics of Flutter App Development.

Flutter was declared the second most leading programming language amongst the leading app development languages in the year 2020.

Well, I am not entirely surprised by the numbers. If we observe the developing industry, many leading companies like Google, Alibaba, eBay, and Hamilton have opted for Flutter App Development for their mobile application requirements.

The mobile app development company also admires this technology because of its various significant characteristics, like its hot loading features or open-source capabilities.

But truth to be told, you can’t ignore Flutter if you want to work in the mobile app development industry!

Flutter Development
Flutter Development

I am sure…

Do you want to hire full stack developer, but don't know where to start?

Read the ultimate guide on how to find and Hire Full stack developer

If we observe the developing Industry, the demand for full stack Developers is booming day by day as technology has not been considered some sort of advancement or a luxury but a necessity no onwards.

More and more web applications are making noise through their presence online.

As per the simple fundamental law, if there is more demand, then supply should also be increased to get the optimum advantage of the market.

It is quite tricky selecting the best talent around the globe from the several available resources

Of course, every project requires a different kind of talent and approach…

Stuck with mediocre talent and don't know what should keep in mind next time you hire full stack developer?

Read here what small mistakes you should not make next time you Hire Full Stack Developer.

When any entrepreneur starts working on his aspiring business project, many things are on the stack on the success of the project.

If we look into it, there are many resources involved with the project like; time, efforts, talent, and of course, money as well.

When many factors depend on the success of the choices you make for your project, you can not afford to make even a silly blunder.

One of the essential and yet most overlooked factors is the expert Full stack Developer you are hiring. …

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