Is Ruby on Rails +SaaS a good idea?

Read here till the end how Ruby on Rails+SaaS can be the best combination possible for your project!

With the vibrant community and extensive libraries(Gems), Ruby on Rails has been serving the developing world successfully for more than a decade.

If we observe the latest trends in the information technology industry, Saas products have shifted many community paradigms. Amongst its many benefits, SaaS has brought this robust technology into the limelight whereas, it was not vastly known to many.

And with time, it turned to the best Ruby on Rails+ SaaS combination working out splendidly when it comes to building high-performing products.

Ruby on Rails+SaaS
Ruby on Rails+SaaS

In order to understand the basics of the SaaS product, we need to go to the…

Utilize Flutter and Dart to bring out the best in your Application!

Top Optimizing strategies with Flutter and Dart.

Getting stuck with everyday mundane practices in Flutter App development is quite a common practice amongst the Flutter developer community.

To get out of this bubble of comfort and mediocre practices you would need to have innovative ideas to bring the highest performance to your Flutter Application.

Without using much of the extended Flutter tools it becomes quite tricky to make your flutter application perform well, and that too for the long term.

If we have to look closely Flutter and Dart is kind of like a splendid combination of a sizzling brownie and a vanilla ice cream always works…

Node.js Backend could be perfect for these applications for your business!

Build these Node.js Applications with a robust base.

Every entrepreneur who wants to build a strong digital presence with robust web applications always has many choices to make.

Which development technology would be the best suitable option for your project? Or what would be the costs or which technology would give the maximum advantage to my product for the long term?

Node.js Applications
Node.js Applications
Photo by Christopher Gower on Unsplash

Nodejs development technology is one of the best options for the backend since when the nodejs technology had been launched in 2009, it has shown immense growth by making the developing process smooth for our developer community.

Considering every project’s increased popularity and dynamic demands, we have…

Angular vs React who wins the battle of web development?

Find out which frontend technology can be most beneficial for your web app from Angular vs React!

When one wants to build a top-notch web application, chances are bright for the frontend technology he must have looked at the javascript ecosystem and most precisely the technologies Angular and React.

Picking the right technology from both alluring choices can be tricky.

To solve your dilemma the pragmatic approach would be looking at both sides of the coin means considering advantages and disadvantages, Angular vs React performance, and most importantly the prime features to get the winner of the Angular vs React race.

Angular vs React
Angular vs React

Let’s take an eagle view at the prime features of both frontend technologies;

Prominent features of Angular:

  • Crisp and clean…

Implement these best practices of Flutter App Development technology for your project!

Make sure to read this blog before commencing your Flutter App Development.

2021 has shifted numerous paradigms in the Cross-platform App Development community. If you can provide the services to people quickly and effortlessly, you are the king of the market.

This is one of the prominent reasons why more and more Entrepreneurs and developers want to build their Apps with Flutter.

Flutter App Development has advantages like the hot reloading feature, the single codebase for multiple platforms, and cool widgets.

However, before making an impulse decision, make sure you are aware of both sides of this technology.

This means one must be aware of dos and don’ts when working with a…

Node.js and React: a complete package for your web app.

Read here how can you optimize two powerful JavaScript technologies — Node.js and React — for your web app.

Node.js undoubtedly demonstrates the power of JavaScript-based technology. There are multiple ways to build a high-performing web application utilizing Node.js backend technology.

But for the frontend, as per the latest trends, React is a hot piece of cake as the choice of frontend technology when it comes to collaborating with Node.js.

Nodejs and React
Nodejs and React
Photo by David Rangel on Unsplash

So, the other day, there was this debate among my peers with our new clients regarding what could be the best frontend option that could work out well with their Node.js.

And after considering numerous pros and cons lists of various frontend technologies, React seemed the perfect partner for…

Want to build a startup app? Flutter might be the answer you are looking for!

Know why Flutter App Development is trending like a hot cake!

By owning a smooth user interface/ experience and programming, Flutter gets the upper hand with its prominent React Native apps.

The senior Developers and experts in the Mobile App Development industry recommend Flutter App Development Technology, especially to startups.

The reason? I can give you plenty without making any extra effort!

Flutter App Development
Flutter App Development
Photo by abillion on Unsplash

Before reaching any conclusion, every beginner entrepreneur should make sure he/she has got the basics sorted out for their app.For instance,

  1. Providing profound user experience through robust Mobile app development technology
  2. Creating a path to reach your targeted audience through your product.

To fulfill the first prime object of…

Optimize the best Ruby on Rails Gems for your MVP development

Check out these Ruby on Rails Gems for your next MVP Project!

Building and owning a Digital Product is pretty these days, and when you want to build a digital product, what could be a better option than an MVP- a Minimum Viable Product!

Ruby on Rails Gems for MVP
Ruby on Rails Gems for MVP

One of the biggest advantages that put MVP ahead of everyone in the competition is reaching the audience fast without any excess expense of your resources.

However, to publish a full-fledged product in the market, you would need an extensive backend to build a strong structure first.

Ruby on Rails Development is the one you can not ignore when it comes to a project-oriented robust backend technology!


Check out the top Node IDE every Developer should know in 2021.

Best IDEs to look out for in your next Node.js project.

Node.js is a JavaScript application that is a robust technology that builds server-side web apps and network applications.

In Node.js development, Node IDE plays a crucial role, especially when it comes to comprehensively supporting your Node.js application development process.

Here, we will talk about one of the Best IDEs for React and Node.js frameworks in 2021 that no JavaScript developer can afford to miss!

Photo by True Agency on Unsplash

1. Sublime Text

This is one of the most beloved text editors of the Node.js developer community. It has powerful features including split editing and project switching.

One of the most fascinating features of this IDE is that it…

.Net core best practices!

Find these best .Net core best practices to optimize your app.

If we observe the current market scenario, you cant just sit targeting only audiences of one platform. You must target multiple platforms based audiences to reach more than double the user that you could have got for one platform.

For any .Net Core Developer, this does not seem like a tricky task as the reason behind this is quite simple.

DotNet Core Development
DotNet Core Development

.Net Core is a robust web application development technology considering its exceptional ability to build web apps for multiple platforms like Windows, macOS, and Linux.

With each upgrade and updation, this technology is getting more robust as it adds the…

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