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  • Rachael Grey

    Rachael Grey

    Technical Team Member https://medium.com/devtechtoday

  • Akashkinwad


    Ruby on Rails + ReactJs Developer

  • Vonage Dev

    Vonage Dev

    Developer content from the team at Vonage, including posts on our Java, Node.js, Python, DotNet, Ruby and Go SDKs

  • Bryan Dijkhuizen

    Bryan Dijkhuizen

    Entrepreneur, Software Engineer | I write about Tech, History & Self Improvement. | Signup for my Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/hdh8xb

  • Fab Giovanetti

    Fab Giovanetti

    Award-Winning Marketing Consultant β€” altmarketingschool.com/join | πŸ‘‰ New book Reclaim your Time Off out now: fabgiovanetti.com/rytobook

  • Tristan Bilot

    Tristan Bilot

    I use the power of AI and maths to better understand the world around us. 🌏

  • By Depy

    By Depy

    Social Media Lover . YouTuber . Skillshare Teacher . Sharing thoughts and experience helping you grow on the online world , be authentic and your best self.

  • Deyaa Muhammad

    Deyaa Muhammad

    Mechanical Engineer, Pentester. Don't follow me I don't know where I'm going ..

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