wanting to hire remote Angular developers who works remotely? Here is the solution for you.

Hire the best remote angular developers for your projects across the globe!

Remote angular developer for hire.

Are you looking to outsource the developers for your project? There are several options to select from. A Lot of possibilities can cause overcalculation and can hide your pragmatic side as well and It would not help to take you in the right direction.

Let me help you with the rational solution. Let’s explore one of the top-notch company’s prominent functionality, offering dedicated remote Angular developers!

Various business listings well trust Bacancy technology. As per its top rankings of numerous reviews taking sites, it would not be wrong to claim this company is one of the best AngularJS development company worldwide! It offers dedicated remote angular developers that work as per your working schedule, deadline, and complete transparency following the agile culture!

Bacancy Technology has 40+ senior developers having experience of more than a decade! Further, specifically in this front-end technology, they have a team of experts that have incorporated angular versions from 2.0 to 11.0 as their mainstream technology!

This company is a leading company in the USA for providing remote angular developers. However, they do not limit themselves to one country. They have provided their services to Canada, Australia, UAE, and Sweden providing cutting edge UX/UI angular solutions.

In Bacancy technology, they do not only have Angularjs to offer, but they offer end to end full-stack development expertise, including certain backend technologies like,








Here is the list of a few technical stack from what they offer:

Theme — fuse, Wordpress+Angular, CleanUICleanUI, CoreUI

Libraries — Angular7/8 Custom Create Libraries, Angular Material Bootstrap, RXJS, FullCalendar

APIs — Facebook API, Instagram API, YouTube API, Spotify API, Apple Music API, Google API

Platforms — Firebase, NGRX(Angular + Redux), Amazon Web Services(AWS), DockerHerokuAzure

Version control — Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab

Database — MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, DynamoDB

Language — NodeJS, AngularJS, Angular2+, Typescript, Javascript, RXJS, JQuery

You must be thinking everything is Alright and worth noting, but how do we hire them? And what would be their pricing? And most importantly, how do we trust them?!

source: Google
  • How to hire Angular developers :
  1. First off, schedule the interview with their dedicated Angular developers to discuss your project requirements.
  2. Try out their free two weeks trial to experience their profound services and see if it fits your requirement or not.
  3. Hire them as per your feasibility of the project as per hourly rate or monthly.

On an hourly basis, they charge 23 USD/hour, and if we talk about a monthly basis, they charge 2960 USD a month. Suppose you have a large size project and want to hire more than one developer. They have a separate package of five developers for a month, charging 14500 USD.

And more to that they even have easy exit policy in order to establish thorough transparency.

Wrapping up,

I hope I have got it all covered for what you are looking for for your projects. However, it’s entirely rational to think everybody has their own set of queries when looking for remotely working developers. Therefore, if you want to contact them or know about more, you can get to their official website to hire remote angular developers.

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