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Top 10 AngularJS development companies to hire in 2021

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JavaScript is already a leading framework; when Angular.js was introduced, it was expected to fulfill a significant number of expectations. Technology is evolving dynamically every single day. With constant upgradation of User Interfaces has created a need to make it more smooth and feasible. It has made AngularJS among the top considerations when choosing the right JS framework because it profoundly supports web applications’ dynamic views. One of the unique features of angular.js is two-way data binding, making the process convenient both ways without anyone intervening through it. Model view controller framework enables this open-source framework to provide a smooth and flawless user interface, which has made this technology more preferable in recent years.

Selecting an AngularJS development company is not a complicated task to do. However, finding the best one certainly is! Every software development company has it’s own different USPs and features; therefore, we have gathered the list and information about the top angular.js development services worldwide, which could be beneficial for you if you are looking to hire the best!

Which are the best AngularJS development companies to consider in 2021?

Here is a list of the top 10 best AngularJS development companies in the world.

1. Bacancy technology

Bacancy technology secures the first rank in this list in the top Angularjs development company globally due to top-grade services. First of all, their cutting edge expertise in combining frontend and backend technologies like AngularJS+ Rails, AngularJS+ Node, AngularJS+ Php, and forming a smooth user interface and robust Angular solutions. Excellent professionalism will also give fruitful results, but their agile culture ensures transparency towards your desired objectives. Moreover, along with angular.js, they provide full-stack services end to end as well. The main attribute we loved the most is the free trial period, which allows you to hire Angular developer before spending a penny!

E-mail: solutions@bacancy.com

Contact: +1 347 441 4161

2. BairesDev

BairesDev is a company based in Latin America, and they are leaning mostly on a design thinking mindset. The prominent offerings they work on are web development, IT management services, and application testing. Starting From smart customization of pre-developed platforms to ending up to full-cycle custom, they create your idea into a viable product reality in the best cost-effective way.

Contact: +1 (408) 478–2739

3. AVA.codes

This Ukraine based angular company works in four stages for development: first preparation, angular development, and testing, and making it live. They use core angular technology while having expertise in angular material, prime NG, Kendo UI, ngx- bootstrap, and many more. Typically, they take 1–2 weeks for an average angular project; they follow scrum or agile methodology to complete the process. They maintain a culture where weekly feedback is taken regarding the ongoing process of the projects.

E-mail: +14842918995

Contact: info@ava.codes

4. Sombra

Sombra started in 2013, mainly focusing on small and midsize organizations targeting USA, Canada, and UK based audiences. They transform the business ideas into scalable Software through a building, scaling, and supporting attributes. Allotting the expert Angular.js developers as per the project’s requirement is the main functionality to reach your goals faster and conveniently.

E-mail: info@sombrainc.com

Contact: +38 097 275 00 55

5. Techuz

The bar of web development has been lifted sky high these days, and the Techuz team believes in getting their team up to date with the latest; therefore, they can provide the best to their clients! Techuz’s primary objective is quite simple: first, focus on understanding the product concept and conceptualize it to provide exceptional and polished user experience results. Techuz has created a custom Angular development service suit to provide swift direction from time to time to maintain quality consistency.

E-mail: sales@techuz.com

Contact: +1 (281) 940–7008

6. Trigent software

Trigent software is a leading company in not only angularJS but also in numerous software development and outsourcing. They prominently are dealing with application development, cloud services, disruptive technologies, and many more. Services: the entity offers in Java diversifies in various levels through architecture formation to application development to maintain it. Apart from this, they specialize in the cloud, BI, product engineering, and IoT offerings.

E-mail: info@trigent.com

Contact: +1.508.779.6743

7. IndiaNic

IndiaNic is a leading Angularjs development company that primarily deals with B2B, B2c, and enterprises. Their development services, mainly in AngularJS, focus on custom development, Hybride Angularjs apps, API/backend development, and UI/UX designs. Furthermore, their AWS certified cloud architects can profoundly form the infrastructure as per the client’s requirement.

E-mail: hello@indianic.com

Contact: +1 (408) 548 7239

8. Algowork

With an acute experience of more than a decade, Algoworks consists of experienced resources with internal frameworks. They are prominently specialized in AngularJS mobile application development. The customer-centric approach with a robust communication framework enables them to reach the client’s goals and objectives. Flexibility, efficiency, and speed are the main factors Algowork believes in while working for a client.

E-mail: sales@algoworks.com

Contact: +1–877–284–1028

9. Mind inventory

This India-based company possesses more than 160 professionals who work in various domains of front and backend technologies. Mind inventory offers angularJS services from Angular1.0 to Angular6.0 with the flexibility of hiring options from part-time to full-time and hourly. Overall, Mind inventory provides pretty good cost-effective options for this technology and any other frontend technology.

Email: sales@mindinventory.com

Contact:+91- 951–229–3490

10. Fugenx

Fugenx is a leading company mainly in AI, mobile applications, automation, machine learning, and web development. They have dedicated angularJS framework developers who broadly work on website localization, globalization, extending functionalities, and form validation.

E-mail: info@fugenx.com

Contact : 040–67918888


Thus, above listed AngularJS development companies were placed in the list after having proper examination and research. These companies have vast amounts of popularity across the globe. Reputed Angularjs development company which provides more accurate and exceptional results and builds more transparent and trustworthy relationships with the customers can grow firmly with satisfactory results.

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