Utilize these NodeJS Authentication Libraries for your NodeJS web app

Top 7 NodeJS Authentication Libraries for 2021

Checkout these NodeJS Authentication libraries for your next NodeJS Application

User Authentication is one of those things in a development process that often comes upon a single developer no matter how vast the dedicated team the project has.

On the one hand, you don’t want to spend much time, but you also want to make sure everything is internally written and handled for better scaling in the long term.

As a NodeJS Developer, you will get multiple options from which you can go for an appropriate NodeJS Authentication Library for your Node project.

However, it takes an ample amount of time to figure out which one will work the best for your project or take the minimum amount of time to take the optimum advantage of this extensive backend technology.

To make your work more convenient, I have compiled a list of one of the best NodeJS Libraries for the user authentication process considering various factors. Therefore, you can make a rational choice for your project.

Let’s explore each NodeJS Library one by one,

1. Keycloak-js

Github stars: 10k

With more than 170K weekly downloads, this NodeJS Library gets 5/5 user ratings from the developer community due to its various structured functionalities.

Keycloak is one of the top open-source identities adored by Node.js Developers for building modern applications. This repository possesses the source code for javascript adaptors, JAVA adaptors, and the keycloak-js server.

2. @feathersjs/authentication-jwt

Github stars: 13.6K

Feathers Authentication management is a real-time open source microservice framework that gives you control over your data through flexible plugins and RESTful resources and sockets.

Moreover, it will also provide you with authentication modules to do activities like new user sign-up verification and reset passwords.

The core idea of this library is to cover every element of the authentication process under one roof.

3. Passport

Github stars: 19k

Passport is not just only a middleware authentication middleware for Node.js, but it is pretty popular in the entire JS community worldwide!

This extensive NodeJS library is quite flexible and convenient for every NodeJS application, integrated with any web app based on Express.

passport is a go-to option for most NodeJS Developers who do not wish to build their custom username and password authentication from scratch.

The prominent objective of this library is to authenticate requests. Hence, it becomes obvious why passport pioneers the authentication part of the developing process in any Node.js Application.

4. Passport-oauth2

Github stars: 503

The prominent purpose of Passport-oauth2 is to build robust authentication strategies and initiate the authentication process in the modern Node.js Applications through passport.

Once you plugin into this module, you can integrate the authenticating process through passport-oauth2 with any NodeJS App without any abruption.

However, here the condition is the application of the framework must support the Express and connect-style middleware.

If you are a beginner in the developing field, you should note that it renders a generic OAuth support, and in the case of various applications, your app would need specific support instead.

5. socketio-jwt

Github stars: 1k

Socketio-jwt is widely used to build substantial single-page applications. You can say it’s quite popular in a developer community as the weekly download of this robust repository is around 17k, and numbers are still increasing every week!

This Node.js library prominently deals with the authentication of socket.io by using jwt.

This repository is vastly maintained and supported by the community members of auth0. And auth0 assists you in implementing the authentication process through multiple sources and social platforms like Linkedin, Google, Facebook, and Github.

Moreover, it also supports enterprise systems like Google Apps, Windows Azure AD, and ADFS.

6. passport-local

Github stars: 3k

Passport-local was published three years back, but since then, it has come a long way with the latest 4 lacs downloads last week.

One can authenticate with username and password with this module in any NodeJS web application.

The main process works this way where the strategy requires a verify callback, and after accepting the credentials, it provides the user by sending the done call.

7. passport-facebook

Github stars: 1k

To authenticate facebook to your Node js application, this module is vastly adopted by the NodeJS Developer community.

Passport-facebook lets you authenticate your app unobtrusively that supports connect-style middle with Facebook. However, before using this repository, the registration of your app with Facebook is mandatory.

After the successful registration, your application will generate a unique ID and app secret, which will be needed later for this strategy. If you have not registered yet, you can do so through a Facebook Developer account.

Summing up, we can observe here that passport have multiple wings to provide dynamic solutions to serve the requirement of the Authentication process in NodeJS technology.

Furthermore, by analyzing the current trends and performance bar, we can say that, to cater to the need of Facebook authentication with Nodejs, the Nodejs library passport can be proven a profound solution for any web apps even based on Express.

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Be nice to the nerds, for all you know they might be the next Bill Gates!