Thinking about Hiring but unsure about latest Salesforce Consultant Hourly rate? we have got you covered!

What is the latest Salesforce Consultant Hourly Rate in 2021?

Find out the current average Salesforce Consultant Rate here.

Salesforce has proven one of the robust solutions for the client management service, ensuring high scaling results. From designing custom applications to utilize an analytical dashboard, Salesforce can be your best tool you ever had if used optimally!

The Expert Salesforce consultant can be proven the most prominent factor to deliver high-performing results as per your predecided objectives.

Personally, as I have observed in this industry, backed up my closest friend’s awful experience; many Salesforce consulting service charge a lot of bucks claiming to provide the best services beyond the asked requirements, ending up doing mundane work for your project.

In this blog, I am willing to shed light on this blind spot of many, where I will unveil the average Salesforce Consultant hourly rate based on the services Salesforce consultancy and the type of consulting he/she offers.

After this pandemic, many factors have changed the way we look at things and the way how our industry works. As many Salesforce Consultants have adopted remote working culture hiring Salesforce consultants from any corner of the globe has become possible!

This way, you can get the advantage of the top experts across the globe, and most of them work on an hourly basis.

Nevertheless, for that, you should have precise knowledge of what are the current salesforce developer consultant hourly rate that exists in the industry.

Let me walk you through the standard salesforce developer consultant hourly rate in 2021 based on the functionalities and services he/she performs!

Standard Salesforce Consultant Hourly Rate :

There are multiple ways you can hire a Salesforce consultant. Freelancers, Certified offshore consultants, or have an In-House consultant.

  1. Offshore Salesforce consultants:

As per trends in the Industry, Offshore consultants are very much in demand.

Generally, such average Salesforce Consultant Hourly Rate varies between $35 to $100 depends upon the geography he is located in or the services he is required to perform.

2. Freelancers:

Freelancers are the experts who generally work on small projects or projects requiring minimal functionalities from their side.

Typically they charge from $50 to $150 for the services they offer. If they are the Salesforce architects and building apps from scratch, the charges may go higher upto $200 per hour.

3. In House consultants

As it is pretty self-explanatory, this option is quite expensive compared to the other two as you are hiring an employee, so that it will take a lot of time and money from your side.

In-house consultants’ hourly rates start from $90. This option is convenient only if you have large-scale size projects which require a lot of time and are kind of complex.

So these were a few types of Salesforce consultant service you can get for your project. Still, it is highly advisable to define your objectives before hiring someone or reaching any consultant. If you understand your goal better, it would be easier for you to get your Salesforce consultant on the same page as yours!

For that, you should make a list of what type of responsibilities you are expecting the Salesforce consultant to have working on your project.

If we are talking about the cost, we should also consider other factors that can play a subtle yet essential role in influencing the average salesforce developer consultant hourly rate. For instance,

Factors affecting Salesforce Consultant Hourly Rate:

  • Numerous tools for maintenance
  • Custom service
  • Geographic location

The bottom line is the average salesforce consultant hourly rate varies due to many factors, including the type of functionalities your project needs.

If we look around, There are numerous options available to opt for!

However, If we think about it how many of them actually serve the quality service is the question, even after paying them a chunk of money and time.

In such cases finding and opting for the best services could be a tricky task. However there many globally renowned Salesforce Consulting Service available that can provide you best Salesforce consulting under the budget you have set up for your project!

I hope by providing information regarding the current salesforce consultant hourly rate and details of various options available for you, I have made things easier for you to figure out at the time of approaching the best Salesforce consultants!

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