want to migrate to Angular 11 but have lots of questions in mind?

Why you need to upgrade to Angular 11 for your Project?

Read the reasons why updating to Angular 11 is a must-have in 2021!

Angular 11.0.0 has been launched in November 2020 and has several essential updates for the Angular CLI, Framework and components. If we look at the emerging pattern, Angular tends to roll out new updates or exclusive version updates, primarily focusing on making the developing process more swift and rapid.

And every update brings a lot of new upgrades in the existing and just introduced features that you must be familiar with and would not want to miss if you are working in this frontend technology for a while.

As for one of our client, we have done the upgradation from V9 to V11 and enabled access to new features, which have directly impacted the app on a significantly positive note.

Here are few updates that can benefit you and your project to get the optimum advantage of this technology.

Therefore, you must take note of these below keypoint features before committing to the Angular 11 upgrade.

  • Automatic Inlining of Fonts
  • Improved Reporting and Logging
  • Upgrade on Language service preview
  • Hot Module Replacement support update

One of the principal aims of this update was clearing out the overall backlog in the repo, and we could say they have been pretty successful with that.

Apart from that, the improvement in CLI is pretty impressive; personally, when there is any new Angular Upgrade Service, I have always been excited to check this element if any upgrades have been updated.

Improved CLI:

In Angular 11, CLI is no more a clumsy component but have turned into a neat one!

In this version, the CLI automatically formats your data into the well-arranged table. Furthermore, there have been significant upgrades to the CLI speed as well.

Webpack 5 support:

When the Javascript Developer needs to compile the more extensive size code to a single file, Webpack 5 is the tool for you!

This Latest Angular update has got significant support for webpack 5 compared to the last versions. Moreover, Angular 11 supports the latest version of webpack. The reason is Angular wants to build faster with consistent disk caching.

Changing the paths to ESlint:

Angular has always done the implementation process through TSlinting However, in this update, they have moved tracks to ESlint.

Therefore, TSlint won’t be helpful for linting purposes anymore with this upgrade.

This upgrade can be implemented using a third-party migration path created with typescript-eslint, angular-eslint and tslint-to-eslint-config.

Thus, we have been walked through the significant changes that happened in the Angular version11 update.

I hope, based on your current or future projects requirements, you can indeed now decide whether these upgrades are the must-haves for your developing process or not.

If you want to upgrade your old version to Angular 11, this the command you will need to implement to your system to get updated:

ng update @angular/cli @angular/core

Apart from this, if the process seems trickier or complex and wants to get expert assistance about Angular Upgrade Service, there are explicit Angular Development Companies out there through which you can get expert help and Hire Angular Developer for your project, getting the most exemplary results for the valuable resources you are spending on!

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